How to Activate the Authenticate Feature in Kuwait Mobile ID app?
To activate the Authenticate Feature in Kuwait Mobile ID app, do the following:

1- Open Kuwait Mobile ID app on your mobile.

2- Click the menu button (top left corner).

3- Choose “Upgrade Identity”.

4- Choose “Upgrade Mobile ID Online”.

5- Follow the instructions , then click “Start Capturing".

6- Take a selfie of yourself (while moving your head as instructed) to use for Identity verification.

7- Click on "Submit".

8- One-Time password will be sent as an SMS to the mobile number you entered.

9- Enter the OTP ، and click "Continue".

10- Read the “Terms and Conditions”.

11- Approve the terms and conditions by selecting the two check boxes.

12- Click on "Finish".

13- You have successfully upgraded your Mobile ID and enabled the "Authenticate" feature.