How to Install Kuwait Mobile ID app, and how to enroll your Mobile ID in the app?
To enroll your Mobile ID in Kuwait Mobile ID app , do the following:
Before you enroll your Mobile ID , kindly note the following:

- Mobile ID is currently available for all the citizens and residents with smart civil IDs over the age of 5 years ، Soon PACI will announce the procedure to issue Mobile ID for under 5 years.

- Mobile ID is not available for article 20 residency holders ، Soon PACI will announce the procedure to issue Mobile ID for article 20 residency holders.

1- Install Kuwait Mobile ID from the App Store for IOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices.

2- Open the app and choose the first “Online Registration using Mobile”.

3- Enter required personal data:

- Civil Number.

- Card Serial Number or Mobile ID Serial Number.

(If this is the first time you apply for civil ID, you should use the Mobile ID serial number , you received by SMS from PACI when you pay your civil ID issuance fee).

- Passport Number ( for Non-Kuwaitis ).

- E-mail.

- Mobile No.

4- Confirm entered data.

5- Click on"Next".

6- Take a clear selfie of yourself to use for Identity verification.

7- Click on "Submit".

8- One-Time password will be sent as an SMS to the mobile number you entered.

9- Enter the "One-Time Password" and click on “Proceed with collecting Mobile ID”.

10- Choose a "PIN" code

11- Select "Confirm".

12- Your Mobile ID has been issued successfully.

Were you able to install and register to the App Successfully?